Hans Herzog Marlborough Botrytis Riesling

Botrytis Riesling 2017

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As a small family owned winery, our minimum order amount is 3 bottles, this can be mixed across our eclectic range of varieties. 

Vintage 2017

There are different methods to make sweet wine like freezing the grapes but the purest & greatest wines are made naturally in the vineyard. A risky and labour intensive undertaking. Risky because we need to leave wonderful ripe grapes hanging out there hoping for a perfect long autumn with enough humidity but no heavy rain for botrytis to set in. However, in late autumn the chance of rain increases and can turn noble rot into grey rot in one downpour.

But a beautiful summer and long and relatively dry autumn allowed us to handpick at the end of May in three passages - once for the first affected grapes and then two picks later once noble rot set in for the others whilst cutting down the grapes affected by undesirable grey rot. The necessity for selective harvesting enables us to pick grapes only at the optimum point of botrytis infection is crucial to the quality of the wine. We picked botrytis grapes resulting in a tiny yield of 150g per vine (instead of 1kg).

Hans' Comment

After gently pressing the precious grapes I let them ferment for a long three months in a old puncheon to continue with six more month to mature it into a  beautiful essence.

Tasting Notes

Perfect for seduction - rich and luscious... Lingering aroma's of honey, apricot and honeysuckle are lifted wonderfully by refreshing citrus aromas. There’s power but seemingly without effort, nothing brash or showy, it’s all in the most elegant style. Endlessly long. A fantastic combination of intensity and finesse.

Technical Data

Variety     100% Riesling
Rootstock 3309
Vine age 13 years
Soil  Shallow (<45 cm) well drained alluvial deposits. Planted at the end of the row towards the river where the sandy gravelly soil is mixed with clay and able to retain more moisture.
Planting density   6,000/h
Yield  150 g per plant
Alcohol 11.5%
Residual Sugar  165g/L
Ageing Potential 15+ years