Hans Herzog Marlborough Gewurztraminer

Gewürztraminer 2018 (orange wine)

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As a small family owned winery, our minimum order amount is 3 bottles, this can be mixed across our eclectic range of varieties. 

Vintage 2018

Spring flowering was not great for our Gewürztraminer and made for a miniscule yield (300g/ vine). Summer was beautiful with some late rain in autumn but thanks to Hans’ hard vineyard work and bunches hanging free, we picked succulent healthy, physiologically ripe grapes. Small berries bursting with flavours.

Hans' Comment

The tiny vintage of pure and ripe grapes was gently destemmed with half not crushed and given a few days of temperate controlled skin maceration. Instead of pressing, I let the berries progress to a natural wild fermentation for a couple of weeks in an open fermenter until no residual sugar was left. Gentle, non-mechanical handling meant the whole berries began fermentation within themselves, extracting beneficial antioxidants in the tannins which act as a preservative and increase longevity of the wine. After gently pressing, the intriguing and intricate wine evolved for 9 months on its fine lees and has not been exposed to cold stabilization, fining or filtration to retain the exciting aromas this method developed. No racking took place and the wine was bottled directly from the barrel, leaving an uplifting, slight effervescence which naturally occurred during the wild fermentation. Natural sediments may show and are testimony of this high-quality wine. Perfect in taste, naturally

Tasting Notes

Orange Wine - to be said ‘the new colour on the wine spectrum – white wine made as if it were a red’ is something Hans started already in the 90ties. If only producers like Hans, who are obsessive about fruit quality would do so, as any mould or other defects are amplified by the skin contact… In a world full of blandness and uniformity, they are less the emperor’s new clothes, more the adventurer’s new playground. The first impression of this deep golden wine is, despite the long wild fermentation, the variety’s typical ethereal scent of lychees and rose petals with a purity rarely seen in a natural wine. Seductive floral characteristics lift above a wonderful texture. The richness on the palate and complexity of aromas cumulate in great balance, complexity and elegance with a long and stimulating finish. Astounding for a Gewurz with no residual sugar.

Variety  100% Gewurztraminer
Clones Grafted from 40 year old wines in NZ
Rootstock Schwarzmann Rua 1
Vine Age Planted 1996
Soil Shallow(<45cm) well drained sandy and gravelly soil. developed from stony alluvium.
Plant Density 5,500 vines/ha
Alcohol 13.5%
Residual Sugar none
Ageing Potential Up to 10 years if kept at constant temperature. Under 14 degrees Celsius.