Shipping Informations

For all orders: 

Please note that there is a minimum order of 6 bottles per order, which can be mixed. This is to optimize shipping costs and avoid breakages. 

For all overseas order: 

International shipments are physically delivered in either an 8 or 15 bottle case. Those 2 case sizes are custom designed to achieve the best possible delivery cost. 
Please note: 12 bottles order will actually be delivered in a 15 bottle case. 
i.e. with 3 spare spaces. 

Switzerland: Due to custom restrictions in Switzerland, we can only send a maximum of 15 bottle per order. Shipment: Seafreight 7-14 weeks. 

South Korea: Due to custom restrictions in South Korea, we can only send a maximum of 15 bottle per order.  Shipment: Airfreight 1 to 5 weeks delivery. 

Australia: Airfreight, 2-4 weeks delivery, all tax paid. 

Europe: Seafreight, 7-14 weeks delivery.

Hong Kong: Airfreight, 1-5 weeks delivery.

Japan: Airfreight, 2-4 weeks delivery. 

Singapore: Airfreight, 1-4 weeks delivery. 

UK: Seafreight, 6-14weeks delivery. 

USA: Airfreight, 3-6 weeks delivery. 


If you have any further request or need any help processing your order, please email 

Thank you, and we hope that you will enjoy the wines back home as much as we enjoyed crafting them!