Pinot Gris 2017

Pinot Gris 2017

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Vintage 2017

A challenging year but with our low yield we picked healthy grapes bursting with flavours before any rain touched them.

Hans' Comments

A long extended cold soak on the skin extracted the superb flavours and brilliant pink colour. I then let the must progress to its natural (wild yeast) fermentation without any residual sugar. 20% of the wine went into French oak puncheons and its fine lees regular stirred assisting to its remarkable silkiness, complexity and depth. This wine has not been exposed to cold stabilization and fining with only a light filtration to retain the elusive aromas. Natural sediments may show and are testimony of this high quality wine. Perfect in taste, naturally.

Tasting Notes

From one of the Pioneer of NZ Pinot Gris , this cheeky pink blushed wine has a mouth-filling rich palette and refreshing tannins. There is a sweet lingering finish astounding for a dry Pinot Gris with no residual sugar.

Technical Data

Variety     100% Pinot Gris
Rootstock RG, 101-14
Vine age 21 years
Soil  Shallow (<45 cm) stony soil, excessively drained, developed from stony alluvium. Mixed even within the rows (sandy, gravelly, patchy clay-sand layers)
Planting density   High 5,500 vines/ha
Yield  3t/ha
Alcohol 13.5%
Residual Sugar  <1 g/l
Ageing Potential 5 years