Sauvignon Blanc "Grande Duchesse" 2016

Sauvignon Blanc "Grande Duchesse" 2016

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Sauvignon Blanc 85% - Semillon 15%

Vintage 2016

A beautiful season ended in a long ‘Indian’ summer. Four rows interspersed with Semillon on sandy gravelly soils broken up by a large stony ridge were chosen for the Grande Duchesse. There, the vines yield little but very luscious grapes, perfect for this stately wine. We picked the grapes at a tiny yield of 700g of their 20-year-old vines a few days later than our ‘sur lie’, ensuing luscious fruit. The succulent healthy grapes were carefully picked into small crates and only a few minutes later still intact and fresh with Hans in the winery.

Hans' Comment

Such purity in the fruit allowed for an extended cold maceration to extract the wonderful flavours. Gently pressed, the must was transferred into one new 500lit French oak puncheon for a natural wild yeast fermentation. The clean lees was regular stirred adding to the silky texture, complexity and depth. The young wine had two years to mature before we bottled this nectar. It is not cold stabilized, not fined and only lightly filtered to retain the beautiful aromas and protected with a low sulphur addition for its long life. Natural sediments may show but do not impact on the high quality of this natural wine.

Tasting Notes

A complex bouquet of white flowers, white peach, nectarine, pink grapefruit and silky tannins unfold beautifully in the glass. A fullbodied, well-balanced palate with a touch of wild honey a dap of ginger and green apple notes culminate in a long, lingering finish. Like a well-crafted Graves this wine has class and poise.